Marr Residence

The Marr Residence is Saskatoon’s oldest building still standing on its original location. Built in 1884 by stonemason Alexander Marr, it became a showcase as part of the original temperance colony, Saskatoon.


The Marr Residence became a field hospital in the 1885 North West Resistance. The location of the settlement of Saskatoon left the settlers in a sticky situation, the Metis to the north just over 100 kilometers away and the Sioux Indians at Whitecap were just down the river.


The closest white settlement was Moose Jaw, over 250 kilometers away. The white settlers feared an uprising from the Whitecap Reserve and anxiously awaited General Middleton from the south. Middleton crossed the South Saskatchewan River at Clark’s Crossing and advanced towards Batoche.


The immediate treatment of the wounded was haphazard at best, and low river flows made transportation to a base hospital in Swift Current almost impossible. Rather then trying to send the victims south, doctors and medical supplies were sent from Swift Current to Saskatoon, arriving on the same day as the first injured.


On May 7, 1885, the three largest houses were requisitioned to serve as military hospitals; the Marr Residence is the only one still standing today.  
When the hospital closed in July, 1885, the home was returned to the Marr family. The Marrs left the settlement before the end of the 1880s, but their name remains linked to this dignified residential eyewitness to Saskatoon’s past. From its blend of Second Empire and pioneer architecture, to its river willow wall lathing, the Marr Residence exudes our past.


One of Saskatoon’s key heritage properties, it is the site of interpretive programming, and has been the focus of two archaeological investigations. A quiet garden to which all are welcome adjoins the grounds of this historic home. 

The Marr Residence is open July 1 to September long weekend on Saturdays, Sundays, and long weekends from 1:00pm to 4:30pm.


326 11th Street East
Ph: (306) 652-1201

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